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What is your new quality product and with what characteristics?

You do not want to buy a cat in a poke? We also do not want to sell you. Here are some info:


The 4- and 5-mm pick steel plates are supplied in the hardened state and have optimum yield strength and tensile strength limits for this application.

We chose a pre-hardened steel because we want to avoid external errors or deviations in the hardening process, and thus the steelwork quality remains irrelevant.

According to the manufacturer and this material data sheet, every 50 tons of melt are tested by default in the in-house laboratory for hardness and mechanical properties (see acceptance certificate below) and documented with the corresponding documents. We can thus guarantee an ever consistent and perfect quality of steel.

This steel has matchlessly proved its first-class properties in our tests in

its own test bench compared to other steel grades.

Since we like to practice this sport ourselves in all ways, all of our items

that are available were also tested by us under extreme conditions.

After testing in the test bench, our products last at least up to 70%

more than the minimum requirements declared in the EN standards.

As an example, our front teeth only broke at a load of

3803 N (about 380 kg). This fine-grained steel has large proportions of manganese, molybdenum, nickel, silicon and chromium.

For further questions about our products, we are at your disposal.

Härteprüfung TÜV

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