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Bergsport-Steinle longlifekoncept

We introduce a concept that makes climbing much more pleasant and safer.


We all know the problem, which comes up again and again.

You go mixed or ice climbing, hit the rock with the new pick through the ice and the tip is bent 3 mm backwards.

Finally, some things have to be removed with the file in order to get a halfway climbable pick. In addition, to keep climbing is laborious, difficult and often dangerous.

Consistently constant impact characteristics even after several regrinds of your picks.


High-strength steel and innovative tip shape guarantee significantly longer service life

Bergsport-Steinle longlife

A practical example:

Bergsport-Steinle longlife

Thanks to our Bergsport-Steinle diamond file you get your picks quickly and clean sharp again!

We would be very happy to hear your meaning! 

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