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About us 

Hi everyone! We are a small family-business and we produce high-quality picks for Ice climbing, Mixed climbing and Drytooling.


Our entire process is based in Munich and we produce only out of the strongest, highest-quality German steel. Through our passion we want to bring out a product to solve a problem shared by all of us: we all love the alpine climbs and we want to climb the steepest walls, the hardest ice routes and spend our free time in the places we love, practicing our dear sport; climb mountains.


As an alpinists we love what we do but, to be a good alpinist, you need really good and bomber gear. As a company, we are inspired by nature and how perfect it designs everything and, for a long time we thought about how to design our picks and how to bring the best product for our needs.


When we started, not my father or me had ever designed something but, we were determined. We worked step by step everyday to make our products better until one day my father saw a small woodpecker hammering against a tree.


Then, inspiration was instant and the idea was born with nature guiding our design. It was nearly perfect! Sometimes all we need is to pay attention to nature’s work. If it exists out there, then we can borrow this knowledge to create amazing tools.


That's how we have started, from a bird’s perfect design to the products we have today. We work everyday, together with our clients, using their experiences to further improve our products.


Thanks to everyone for supporting us! Michael & Sergey Steinle

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