The picks and front points of the company Bergsport-Steinle are distinguished not only by their innovative and optimized shape, but also by the use of high-grade and deformation-resistant steels.

This enables us to manufacture products of outstanding longevity.


For re-sharpening and repairing the inevitable traces of wear during a hard and long climbing season, it is recommended to work with an equally high-quality and robust tool: the Bergsport-Steinle diamond file.


With our new diamond file, the regrinding is done in a quick and easy way, and thus a "like-new" condition of a pick is restored.


The advantages of a conventional steel file:

  • Low wear of the diamond file on steels with a high degree of hardness.
  • Quick, precise and easy removal with a 150th diamond coating.
  • Rubberized ergonomic handle gives a better feeling for the alignment of the file and prevents it from slipping on the workpiece.


DFGB151 | Diamondfile


    Certified to EN-13089



    The type examination was carried out by the testing institute of the mechanical engineering industry SZU (notified body 1015).


    Certificate Number:


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    3-year warranty on factory fault and material defects.


    Details to the warranty can be found in the enclosed instructions for use.

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    "These picks are near indestructible for drytooling, amazing quality. They will outlast the stock ones several times over."
    Will Gadd, professional Ice climber, Mountain guide, established the hardest ice and mixed routes in the world, Climbed the frozen Niagara falls as the first person ever.
    Photo: Instagram/realwillgadd,
    "Clean, strong and impressive steel...greater reach & clearance with a larger more defined tip/end that will be easier to maintain and sharpen. Absolutely fantastic engineering and manufacturing!"
    Jim Clarke , Skier and experienced Ice- / Mixedclimber. 
    "I love these Picks!!! They bite into rock and stick into ice better than anything I’ve used!!! Amazing product!"

    "I have 3 different pairs of picks and two pairs of front points and can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s just light years ahead of any other product."

    Andres Beregovich, Alpinist, professional Photographer and Blogger 

    "A great pick design for all-around use with strong material, made to last and to crank hard!"

    Gaetan Raymond, High class Drytooler and an allround Alpinist. 
    „Michael - thanks for recommending this file to me. True - the picks need very little maintenance but if and when they do a regular file is lost on this armor steel. This one works miracles. Cool stuff“.
    Reid Kalmus, Snowboarder and passionated Iceclimber.
    Martin Birkmann, Bad ass Iceclimber and one of our first customers!


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