Innovative picks for high performance in mixed terrain

Version with the milling for hammer or shovel




28€ per season*

*The average lifetime at 30 climbing days per year is 3 seasons

This picks are for 80% rock and 20% ice climbing

Superior performance through the advancement of the most popular mixed pick for the
Nomic / Quark / Ergonomic ice axe!


Long area before the primary tooth ensures a long service life and a constant outstanding durability

Langer Überstand nach dem Primärzahn sorgt für eine hohe Lebensdauer der Haue und einfaches Nachschleifen





Sharp asymmetric

teeth for a

secure grip on

the smallest structures in the rock and ice

Intended mounting holes for the

optional Petzl

additional weights for

more momentum

Slight toothing on the upper edge for a

better grip in

cracks and any

clamping situations

Efficient hold against slipping of the

ice axe when

used on ice

mushrooms and columns

Technical information:

Compatible with following models
Nomic, Quark, Ergonomic, Sum'Tec
Pick type
T (Typ2)
4mm continuous
Tip grinding angle
119 gram
Milling for hammer / shovel
Rust protection
 Yes | Nickel
52-54 HRC
Place of manufacture
Germany | Munich
Weight assembly

Operation manual:

Download as PDF file here:

German / English

No longer in the mood for blunt frontpoints? Then you are at the right place

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Certified to EN-13089



The type examination was carried out by the testing institute of the mechanical engineering industry SZU (notified body 1015).


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3-year warranty on factory fault and material defects.


Details to the warranty can be found in the enclosed instructions for use.

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Be a part of our satisfied clients

"These picks are near indestructible for drytooling, amazing quality. They will outlast the stock ones several times over."
Will Gadd, professional Ice climber, Mountain guide, established the hardest ice and mixed routes in the world, Climbed the frozen Niagara falls as the first person ever.
Photo: Instagram/realwillgadd,
"Clean, strong and impressive steel...greater reach & clearance with a larger more defined tip/end that will be easier to maintain and sharpen. Absolutely fantastic engineering and manufacturing!"
Jim Clarke , Skier and experienced Ice- / Mixedclimber. 
"I love these Picks!!! They bite into rock and stick into ice better than anything I’ve used!!! Amazing product!"

"I have 3 different pairs of picks and two pairs of front points and can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s just light years ahead of any other product."

Andres Beregovich, Alpinist, professional Photographer and Blogger 

"A great pick design for all-around use with strong material, made to last and to crank hard!"

Gaetan Raymond, High class Drytooler and an allround Alpinist. 
„Michael - thanks for recommending this file to me. True - the picks need very little maintenance but if and when they do a regular file is lost on this armor steel. This one works miracles. Cool stuff“.
Reid Kalmus, Snowboarder and passionated Iceclimber.
Martin Birkmann, Bad ass Iceclimber and one of our first customers!


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